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Teaching Philosophy 
As an artist who benefited enormously from the visual arts curriculum in school, I believe art is an essential subject to learn and explore. My passion for the entire spectrum of art transfers to my students, as I contribute to fostering a positive art experience. I practice innovative methods of teaching, which help students relate to other areas of life, and promote learning in a fun and open-minded environment.
Teaching is a two-way street wherein I gain at least as much from the students as they take in from me. I aim to be a vessel for learning rather than a strictly didactic instructor. There is an interplay between my goals as an art instructor and the goals I have for my own personal artistic expression. Thus by receiving knowledge from my students as they receive from me, I hope that my own art and the art of my students will grow in tandem as we all develop conceptually, artistically and technically.
As an art instructor I correlate my art lessons with state standards, discuss major works of art and styles, and design principles. I believe critical thinking is essential to the art process and is achieved by encouraging communication and reflection. I incorporate contemporary art practices and ideas to my teaching that promote social consciousness and self-awareness. I promote a lifetime of learning using art as one of the fundamentals of knowledge. Engaging in the process of making art helps cultivate problem solving skills as well as a sense of pride in completed work, both of which give to students the confidence and ability to tackle ambitious projects in and outside the art classroom. I would like art to be something students can use as inspiration in and for itself. In my classroom, students will realize that art is an avenue to a sense of accomplishment that can be relayed to all areas of life that they may wish to pursue.
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